The Poisoned Beast of Dead Looms, 2021


Video Art [00:30 loop]

Commission by Chan + Hori Contemporary / The Unusual Network for NEW WEAVE. Maybank Foundation. National Museum of Singapore.

Extracted from The Island of ‘Made - In’, 2016 Bureau of Forgotten Worlds

A Monster embodying a loose thread on the garment we are wearing, from wardrobe to warehouse, from factory to field, in search of the landscapes behind the runway dreams and street blue jeans.

The Poisoned Beast of Dead Looms is an expansion of the Island of Made-In. Central to the ani-mation is a heaving, organic monster that is a personification of loose threads from the garments that we wear. It embodies the histories and the stories of fabrics, the passage of mass-produced clothing from wardrobe to warehouse, field to factory.

NEW WEAVE. Maybank Foundation. at National Museum of Singapore.

Maybank Women Eco-Weavers supports women weavers from poor and marginalised communities with the aim of reviving and sustaining traditional weaving practices in ASEAN countries. The ancient art of textile weaving cuts across borders of the member nations of ASEAN. These textiles are works of art that represent the heritage of their respective countries, yet the women weavers who sustain the traditional crafts often struggle to survive in modern times. The women in this programme receive access to training, capacity-building and microfinance, which helps them and their families to become economically independent, the artists are afforded invaluable and first-hand access to the preservation of a living culture. The Maybank Women Eco-Weavers programme is currently active in East and Central Lombok and West Sumatra in Indonesia, Sarawak in Malaysia, Xiengkhouang Province in Laos and Siem Reap and Takeo Province in Cambodia.

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