Chong Yan Chuah (B. 1992, Malaysia) is a multidisciplinary artist currently working in Kuala Lumpur. His body of work touches various mediums ranging from digital art, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation – often dialoguing with one another through a mis-en-scène. Coming from an architectural background, his main interest lies at the intersection between the physical environment in which we live in, and the fictional worlds that he creates, challenging the perception of space, reality and experience. Inspired by the idea of an escape, each world serves as an extension of the real life, or an allegory of his emotional state – rather than a creation of a new reality. The otherworldly feels, characters, and elements found in his digital works are results of his playful approach towards art-making – seeking to experiment around the concept of artist as explorer; one who discovers and reveals the unknown.

Chong Yan studied architecture at Newcastle University, and then at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, receiving the 2014 RIBA President’s Medals nomination and AA Scholarship. He co-founded Inferstudio (2017), a design and media practice that crafts narratives of human societies through a diverse range of time-based media and 3D environments. Currently, he also operates under the platform of Somnii, a global collective of creatives working at the intersection of art, architecture, immersive virtual experiences, and fashion. As an artist, his works have been exhibited and collected internationally. He exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal Institute of British Architects, Nanyang Technological University. His first solo exhibition, 27 Years of Lazarian Delights, was shown at The Back Room, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 2020.

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