There will be Dr@g0ns in my Future Dreams, 2024


Multimedia Installation

           In the immersive realm of “There Will Be Dragons in My Future Dreams,” artist, architect, and designer Chong Yan Chuah invites us to soar through the virtual cosmos on the wings of the Cyber::Dragon. An exploration that traverses the boundaries of time, culture, and artistic medium, culminating in a cyber-futuristic odyssey that redefines the relationship between tradition and innovation.

           At the heart of this exhibition lies the Cyber::Dragon, a digital embodiment of the Chinese dragon enriched with centuries-old stories and traditional symbolism. Here, Chuah envisions a dynamic fusion where the Cyber::Dragon transcends its pixelated existence to become a living repository of collective memories and traditions. Positioning artists as dual agents – custodians of cultural heritage and pioneers pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. The Cyber::Dragon serves as a pivotal bridge, connecting the ancient past with an uncharted digital future.

       An experimental foray into the temporal dimension, transcending the constraints of familiar location-specific cultures, ethnicities, and spiritual identities. Envisioning a society rich with future mythologies and potential artifacts, unburdened by the weight of the past. At the core, reshaping of symbols and allegories, crafting a future lineage through the creation of myths that speak to the evolving narratives of human imagination.

In this future dreamscape, dragons cease to be mere relics of the past; they transform into heralds of a mythic future.

There will be Dr@g0ns in my Future Dreams, 2024
Chong Yan Chuah
Unique Edition of 06 + 2ap

Three distinct yet interconnected artefacts:

the Video Artwork,


the Digital Print,


the Artwork-Booklet.

the Video Artwork,

Single channel digital animation, stereo-sound.
1920x1080p (25mins infinite-loop)

            Chinese mythology weaves a tapestry of ancient tales, with one majestic creature stealing the spotlight – the dragon 龙. Rooted in the rich cultural heritage of China, the dragon symbolises power, strength, and good fortune. A creature of myth and legend, it dances through the pages of history, becoming an emblem deeply ingrained in the collective consciousness of the Chinese people. Each year in the Chinese zodiac is not only represented by an animal but also by one of the five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. The combination of the animal and the element creates a unique energy for that specific year. Adding another layer of symbolism to the Chinese zodiac system.

           The dragon 龙 is associated with the Earthly Branch symbol of “Chen” 辰 and is linked to the Wood element in Chinese astrology. Wood represents growth, vitality, and expansion. The dragon, associated with Wood, symbolises strength, energy, and the potential for positive transformation. This connection aligns with the belief that the dragon’s energy embodies the powerful force of nature, much like the characteristics attributed to the Wood element in Chinese philosophy. The interplay of these elements is fundamental to understanding balance and harmony in various aspects of life, including health, relationships, and the natural world.

the Digital Print,

C-Type-Chromogenic on Fuji Crystal Archive Gloss Frame included. 669 x 1190mm

the Artwork-Booklet.

8” x 8” Hardcover + Slipcase

There will be Dr@g0ns in my Future Dreams

Space: Harta Space
Tech supported by: AV Design, Filamen.
Scent curated by:  KENS Apothecary (Diptyque)

There will be a Dr@g0n Vernissage

03. Feb 2024.   08pm-12am.

The exhibition launches featuring a lineup supported by the artist's friends. The event includes playlist curated by BB.Bulan, live performances by Shelhiel, DJ sets by NYK and Suhshi, VJ by Vas.Flow and Cerikapak, and Mixologist RAKH.KL—all set against the backdrop of the dragon’s spirit.

Sounds by

@supershelhiel @nyk

Playlist curated by


Visuals by

@vas.flow @cerikapak



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Tea & Frequency

07. Feb 2024.   03pm.

To welcome the Lunar New Year, Shaman Tearoom, Aiwei Foo, and Kent Lee conducted a tea and sound ceremony amidst an open conversation. 

_the convergence of auditory and visual stimuli
_the interconnectedness of existence
_the ethereal essence of the dragon spirit
_the fusion of ancient symbolism and contemporary expression.

Comprehensive Cognitive Evaluation within "There Will Be Dragons in My Future Dreams"

"This video is part of the Digital Art Program by @uvnt_art in Madrid and is projected on over 150 digital screens throughout the city. Curated by UVNT Art with the support of @todoestaenmadrid and @jcdecaux_es."