‘‘ Setting out on a journey to the edge of the known universe I came across  a strange cluster of planets in a faraway galaxy. This world’s characteristics,  workings and inhabitants amazed me. So fantastical yet so much like our  own Earth, it is almost a thing of dreams. Losing track of time and place  I slowly grew exhausted both physically and mentally, I couldn’t contain  my excitement however and worked tirelessly to document every single  organism, landscape, different planets and rules of this universe. I found  out over time that the reason I was growing so weary was partially because  of the different circadian rhythms of each different planet all slightly longer  than our 24 hour cycle on Earth. I also suspect most organisms on these  planets (referred to as M01, M02, M03) are not suitable sustenance for  human beings. Metabolization of the plant like organisms was possible but  had a strange effect on the colour of my skin, a slight blotchy purple hue  appeared on my forearms and abdomen (I therefore called it Baralpa lilac) so  I refrained from trying to digest too many different species. There were also  creatures on this planet that appeared to have sufficient cognitive capabilities  to create their own spoken and written language. After observing the creatures  from a distance for about 2 years I began to have a grasp on the vocabulary  and grammar of this strange language. The documentation of Somnia xyzg  is written in the indigenous’ creatures language which I managed to fully  master after I found out the creatures were actually very friendly and docile.  They taught me even more about the world and thanks to them I managed  to make my way back to our universe. I find it therefore only natural that  in thanks I honour them with a codex about their land written in their own  language. ’’