Single-channel animated video with sound

[12:23 loop]

  • HYPER-LINKAGE OF [io] dreams a growing body landscape of identities. Our identity becomes a collective body. Our Body forms the landscapes around us.

There was a time [io] was just an empty plane. The surface was soft like a sponge. On it lies a wall, lined with energy cores that divides the landscape. It charges the air within a 10km radius. you could hear the low pitch hum vibrating from the surface ground, keeping the roaming identities positively buoyant away from [io].

Every full moon, the gravitational shift sends the energy core to a pause. As time passes, the ground absorb the fragmented identities. It started as one, spreading like a virus, the body grows rapidly. A digital presence becomes an ocean of identities. A collective body that’s hyperlinked by the media feed of the identities. Growing into a Body of Landscapes that we come to know as [io].


Aequus Blueprints. AANTS.WORLD