“ It was a love affair. When I found SomniaXYZG, I felt alive once more,  overcome with a thirst to experience everything, learn everything. My joy in  novelty was hedonistic and reck¬less. I was an explorer, called to seek out new  worlds and civilisations, to go beyond the frontiers of my own knowledge and  gather for others the wonders of the unknown. I remember the contraction  of my heart as I entered the system’s orbit. My mind raced ahead to the  future and placed itself within alien landscapes, my skin tingling with the  anticipation of new atmospheres and textures. The lethargy of my Earthly  existence was falling away. I had been an automaton, moving through over studied envi¬ronments. The 27 years I spent within Somnia XYZ-G revealed  to me the beauty, complexity, danger, and wonder of her worlds. It’s a joy to  share my footage and my discoveries. Voices, clearer than mine, will recount  my journey. By way of an early conclusion, I will say that while the laws of  thermodynamics indeed confirm that there is nothing new under the sun,  it does not then follow that we can never look at the world in a new way. ”