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Documentation on 27 Years of Lazarian Delights


This book, 27 years of Lazarian Delights, is written as a documentation of a newly discovered world: Somnia xyzg. The work is an exploration of an imagined land and is written as a catalogue of discovered things, but at the same time the world is created by the explorer. The explorer is the creator and thus exploration and creation have a direct effect on one another. Through gathering more expertise on certain topics such  as celestial movements and gravity the design of the world was influenced, but also by designing for instance the creatures of the world the boundaries of physics were explored and researched.


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Over the course of 27 years an ambitious explorer finds himself in a distant solar system. A wondrous journey ensues, to experience everything beyond the frontier of one’s wildest imagination. His only certainties: an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a hedonistic even reckless joy in novelty.

The air lingers amidst the flaky surfaces of a moist, cavernous chamber. On planet M2 alien lifeforms dwell within vast mineral structures. Ecosystems shift from wet and cold to the unbearably hot. On M3 a landscape of seemingly endless conflagration causes breathing to falter. Yet the discovery of an entire civilization eventually outweighs every risk taken. A flowing cycle of energy is the backbone of the sentient species he stumbles across. Rescued from the inferno the explorer dedicates his time on studying their  paradise, M1. Home to vast crystal mines and marvellous bell-towers resonating with life itself.

Like Lazarus he returns, sharing but a morsel from this mesmerising odyssey into the unknown. His footage, data and artefacts are to tantalise the senses. The barriers of the mind will be broken and the lethargy of earthly existence shall fall away. Enter the delights of SomniaXYZ.

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